April 11, 2010

No Kit Kats, and That’s That

Posted in Spiritual Life tagged , , , at 5:06 am by Mo Dardinger

My husband Dave and I have been studying the Feasts of the Lord. We even taught an adult class about them a couple of years ago.

The spring feasts all serve as prophecies for the Messiah’s first coming. Passover was fulfilled in the Lord Yeshua’s sacrificial atoning death, while Firstfruits was fulfilled in his miraculous resurrection. The gift of the Holy Spirit at Shavuot (Pentecost) fulfilled that prophesied feast. The fall feasts will, in like manner, be fulfilled in every detail when the Lord Yeshua returns to take back Israel and the earth from the forces of darkness.

When I arrived home from the office on Wednesday, after a longer-than-normal day, I was surprised to find Dave rushing about gathering up and throwing out all the leavened products — crackers, bread, stuffing. We hadn’t talked about doing the “hunt for the leaven” — though since I am the Clue Hunter, you’d think I might have had a clue. I joined in, eating the half a hamburger (with leavened bun) that I’d brought home from lunch, then tossing, tossing, tossing.

We did it. We managed to haul out all of the trash bags before sundown. (Some of the other contents of the refrigerator were cleaned out as well, and the advertising magazines from our mail went, too.) All the leaven, which represents sin in the Bible, was gone. *whew*

After sunset, we enjoyed a wonderful meal and watched a Zola Levitt video about the Passover seder (the service accompanying the meal). He claims the Last Supper was a seder, which others dispute, but that’s not the point for now.

The next day, we discovered a Kit Kat candy bar on the sideboard where we had lots of other candy. Oops. The crackers in the Kit Kat bars contained yeast. Contraband. Leaven.

Then we found a half-eaten bag of crackers that had yeast. They had been on the kitchen counter and were lost among all the bags and boxes Dave had sifted through. More leaven.

When we were treated to dinner by our nephew and his family a few days later, we shared this story with them. It’s so typical of our lives. We can hunt and hunt for the sin that lurks inside us. But we will always miss some. It can be small, it can be easily overlooked, it can be an attitude that everyone around us shares with us. But it has to go. No excuses. No compromises. No Kit Kats, and that’s that.