July 21, 2012

In Memory of Betsy

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Her birthday would have been in about 6 weeks. But we never shared birthday celebrations. We shared Thanksgiving Day once, before her sister moved to town.

We both liked to think and to talk about spiritual topics. We didn’t talk much to one another about them, though. She’d share a video from time to time or tell us what she’d heard taught at the latest prayer conference. But we didn’t discuss and debate our differences. I wish we had. Not that being right matters. It’s the truth that matters. It matters desperately.

She came to my classes — our classes, the ones that Dave and I co-taught. She supported me in my fledgling efforts at teaching, at making the difference I’m called to make.

She made a difference. She prayed and taught others to pray. She worked to see our congregation make a positive impact at home and around the world. She will have our prayer room named after her, a fitting tribute.

I miss you, my friend. And I look forward to seeing you again. Someday. Selfishly, I hope not soon. But when I have finished my course, as you have already (so young) finished yours.

April 2, 2010

Hello world!

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Well, it’s about time I made my debut on WordPress.com. So many ideas, so few live people around to share them with!

This blog will mainly be whatever I find interesting at the moment. That’s the plan, at any rate. Perhaps other blogs will spin off eventually as an expression of particular lines of research or delight. For now, it all falls here. That’s what the Categories are for, Mo thinks. To separate the posts into their own nice niches. (And if a niche isn’t nice, it hardly belongs on a Mo blog.)