April 2, 2010

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:50 am by Mo Dardinger

Well, it’s about time I made my debut on WordPress.com. So many ideas, so few live people around to share them with!

This blog will mainly be whatever I find interesting at the moment. That’s the plan, at any rate. Perhaps other blogs will spin off eventually as an expression of particular lines of research or delight. For now, it all falls here. That’s what the Categories are for, Mo thinks. To separate the posts into their own nice niches. (And if a niche isn’t nice, it hardly belongs on a Mo blog.)


  1. Dave Dardinger said,

    I wish you great happiness in arranging your thoughts and getting feedback on them. I guarantee to read each and every one of them.

  2. Thank you, dear one. I hope you find something of use here. And don’t mind it when you appear in a post from time to time.

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